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We would like to tell you more about our dogs " The Dogo Argentino ". And how it all started.....

Our love for the Dogo Argentino started in 1999 / 2000… We both liked the character of the Dogo Argentino ! Especially the enthusiasm, affection, and the loyalty to people and children. Because of these character descriptions, and the impressive appearance our choice was made…. And from there, our interest and passion for this wonderful breed in the years grown to that what we are now…. A hobby, passion and life's work ....

We decided to get a kennelname : Dogo Argentino Kennel, " De La Orgullo Blanco " The meaning of this name is, " Of The White Pride"

Because the Dogo Argentino us captivated for several years the choice was made for in a direct manner with the breed busy to be, And breed puppies from time to time. Where we choose the parent combinations very careful and well-considered ! We only breed with healthy and stable Dogs !

We don't believe in quantity but in quality ! With a solid breeding program we have great plans and hopes for the future of the breed. We strive for beautiful, healthy and balanced Dogo's with a good character. Our objective with breeding is improvement of the breed !!! ( We only breed with FCI registered dogs ).

The puppies are born in our house, and have from the early beginning contact with everything what to a household belongs. They also have a lot of contact with children and we make sure the pups are socialized before they leave and therefore have the best possible start in life.

We also travel frequently to the foreign country. to import new dogo's to improve our bloodlines, aswell as using different males, provided they are healthy and stable of character. And we are still learning daily concerning this splendid breed !

By now we have 11 Dogo's... With bloodlines from : ( Audacity, del Litoral, la Vieja Diana, De Chibouk, Ackon Cahuak, De Doña Cecilia )

For further information of the Dogo Argentino you can contact us.