If you are interested in a puppy from our kennel you can register on a reservation list.

Once the puppies are born we inform everyone.
Until the puppies are 3 weeks old only we and if necessary the vet can come near the puppies, this to give the mother and the puppies some rest and to avoid infections.
From the 4th week you can come and watch as many times as you wish, this is always by appointment. Also we ask when the pups are 3 weeks old an advance, at this way we can distinguish the serious lover and the not serious lover. Between the 8-9 weeks, the puppies go to their new homes.

All our dogs are from excellent and healthy bloodlines, they are all X-rayed according to the FCI standard, They all have done alle the required tests in the Netherlands : Acceptable Social Behavior Test, and they are both Bear tested.

puppies are born in our house, and will be socialized a lot with children and other animals, so when they leave us they are good socialized !

If you decide to get a puppy from our kennel, we believe it is our duty to be there at any time for you and the dog !!! We offer all the help and information that may be required.

For more information or a visit to our kennel, than you can always take contact with us.