Evita is now 7 years old and has deserved to enjoy her retirement!
Evita is retired since April 2012. She has given us 4 beautiful litters each with over 10 puppies.

She also has a number of titles to her name including

Dutch Youth Champion, Luxembourg Youth Champion,
Dutch Champion

Evita will not be relocated but will spend her retirement in our kennel.
A great dog with a super sweet personality!

Thanks Evita, and enjoy it!


Culebra De Doña Arcelia

Culebra is born in 2003 and is now 9 years old. She is living with a male of us called Darko in the town Emmen with Barry and Yvonne.

Culebra is retired since April 2007. She gave us 2 beautiful litters, We have 1 daughter from Culebra called Lectra, a brilliant bloodline from del Litoral.

Culebra is a dog with a very sweet character, except when it comes to cats ... Very sweet affectionate dog who loves running and playing, with Barry and Yvonne she has the space she needs and can enjoy her retirement.


Encarnita / Loca

Encarnita / Loca is is now 7 years old and she has been one of our highlights.
Thanks to Encarnita we won in Poznan the 2nd place at the World Exposition. 150 Dogo from all around the world were at this Exposition, all with cropped ears, except our Encarnita. It is not often that a dog with long ears is placed on a World Expo, but they did! We were very satisfied, it was a moment to remember!

She has also several titles to her name including

Dutch Youth Champion 2008, Dutch Champion 2009,
Bundessieger 2008

Encarnita is retired since January 2011, after she has given us 3 beautiful litters
Encarnita is living now with Irenka and Michel in the town Oosterhout. And in 2012, Irenka and Michel bought a new roommate from our Kennel for Encarnita, his name is : "Bink"

After many shows and a lot of hard work Encarnita can enjoy her retirement! Thanks!



Caira is born in 2000 and one of the first dogs which we started with, an elderly lady so .. Caira is already retired for some years , and is not relocated but she is staying in our kennel.

She gave us 2 beautiful litters, 1 litter of 16 puppies and 1 litter of 5 puppies. A super sweet dog especially for children, also great to see how she deals with!

She was also in her younger years very temperamental ... A lady who was not afraid of the devil (and still is not). Now she is a lot calmer so time for retirement.

A great dog who deserves starting to relax !!